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Living in Apartments and COVID-19

Living in Apartments and COVID-19

By now, like us, you would have received numerous emails about COVID 19  however we want to share with you the information sheet prepared by the Owners Corporation Network on Strata Living and managing COVID 19 and the impact on the management of your scheme. 

Some buildings have meetings scheduled in the upcoming months which may be held by other means rather than face to face. There are potential legislative obligations and restrictions that apply dependent on whether the schemes have passed resolutions to enable other forms of meetings as well as consideration regarding proxy limits. Strata Central will assist with navigating these uncertainties relating to the circumstances of applicability and action will vary from scheme to scheme.

To safeguard our team members, we will be working remotely where possible and we encourage limited office visits by owners, residents and contractors.

Please also find links below to relevant sites with the latest information:

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