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The curious case of the disappearing by-law

Agreements / Meetings

Absentee committee member | restricting committee power | by-law success


How to properly calculate meeting notice periods

Common Property

Owners taxed on OC income | Display of fire statement | Lot property defects

Common Property

Parking mix up: why is my car space marked for disability parking?


Beware the motion to discuss “general business”

Agreements / Common Property / Meetings

Who pays contents insurance excess | adjourned meetings | pre-1974 lot boundaries


Restricted matters at AGM | when does chair vacate | rooftop purchase

Agreements / Conflict

Defamatory emails | renovation approvals | expiry of agency agreements

Conflict / Levy

Levies unpaid for 18 months | insurance runaround | lost rent claims

Common Property

Can’t get access to install window locks?

Agreements / Common Property

When is it ok to delay repairs and maintenance?


We’re live with Reena Van Aalst talking all things STRATA COMMITTEES!!!


When you’re unhappy, go back to the contract terms


Why strata committees should be meeting regularly

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