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Full Management Services

Service Contracts & Payments

We negotiate new service agreements and review existing ones so you get the services you expect for the price you are paying. Invoices are not paid without the authority of the treasurer or strata committee. At the first meeting of the strata committee, procedures are put in place outlining what can and cannot be paid with the authority of the strata committee. This is done in accordance with the delegated authority in the agency agreement.

Financial Statements

We deal with your trust account funds as if it was our money. We work with your strata committee, including the treasurer, to prepare your budget for your Annual General Meetings. This includes historical comparisons and detailed explanations for every expense line item.

We provide monthly financial statements and reports to the treasurer and strata committee members including:

  • Income and Expenditure statement (Profit & Loss)
  • Balance Sheet
  • Aged Levy Arrears (Aged Debtors)
  • General Ledger

Strata Meetings

Strata Central provides a wealth of experience in guiding the strata committee with the running of successful meetings. This includes managing difficult or contentious meetings. A ballot system is used where necessary to record votes for general meetings.

Compliance & Legislation

We assist with by-law compliance to ensure your scheme is run efficiently and the value of your investment is maintained. We manage all your legislative requirements including but not limited to:

  • Insurance renewal and insurance claims including valuations
  • Annual Fire Safety Statement compliance
  • Work, Health & Safety Compliance including compliance of all contractors to ensure that they are appropriately licensed and insured
  • Records management and data storage

Dispute Resolution

Strata Central provides assistance in dispute resolution. Reena brings to Strata Central vast experience assisting with complex mediations, including attending and instructing in hearings in courts and tribunals.

Reena has learned disputes are best resolved by negotiation and compromise. It is better to have control over the outcome rather than leave to a dispassionate third party.

Defect Claim Management

We manage defect claims and remedial repairs. This includes liaising and working with experts and contractors. Our expertise includes defects in existing and newly constructed buildings and dealing with insurance claims and claims arising from the Home Building Act (1989).

We assist you to engage professionals and contractors to prepare scopes of work, tender documentation and undertake supervision of the remedial works as well as legal and other technical advisers. Our Managing Director has been involved with numerous complex defect claims, the rectification costs exceeding millions of dollars.

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