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Our Moment of History

Our Moment of History

We are experiencing frightening and uncertain times.
Our great-grandparents and grandparents endured World War 1 which lasted 4 years; the Great Depression which lasted 10 years; and World War 2 which lasted 6 years. Those traumatic events cumulatively lasted 20 years resulting in untold destruction, hardship, deprivation and saw millions upon millions die.  Significantly, it also saw millions and millions survive who one way or another were affected by the tragic loss and now we know suffered PTSD but somehow most reinvented themselves, reconstructed and conducted businesses and bit-by-bit rebuilt their lives and their families.

Our Moment of History

We are going through our moment in history.

In the future, our children and grandchildren will look back and examine what did we do and what did we learn from this period of uncertainty and fear.

Let us hope it does not take as long to learn from our mistakes so history does not repeat itself.

Many of us are wise after the event. My belief is the key to success and to get through this period of great uncertainty is to be proactive rather than reactive and somehow take control of our own lives, at least as much as possible as the circumstances will allow.

Our Opportunity to Learn By Example

Lockdown presents a good opportunity to learn and plan.

Our drug of choice is the 24-hour news cycle which can be depressing. Instead, watch it less and see how other people are adapting to the ‘new normal’.

On the upside, we live in a country of volunteers, including firefighters, life savers, people who deliver meals on wheels and participate helping those less fortunate.
For example, Reverend Bill Crews and his dedicated crew of volunteers who run the Exodus Foundation and help people who live on the street. Look up his website and maybe look at some of his YouTube’s. Here is person who has dedicated himself to helping those much worse of than most of us.

Necessity is the mother of invention

We are doing things in a way we never thought possible. Look at the number of people who are working from home. It took a pandemic to make us more efficient and for most of us compassionate.

What does working from home mean for the future of the big end of town offices and high overheads?

Courts and government offices are adopting to the new electronic paperless norm.

Parliamentarians are working together. I maybe a bit optimistic hoping that will last.

For as long as I can remember, we in Australia have lived a privileged and secure existence. We have a good social service system and healthcare system. But as time has gone by, we have taken that privilege for granted. No more – we are much more aware of what professions and businesses are essential and for that matter which are less essential.

We are bearing the results for what we took for granted pre-pandemic and what we failed to protect for stand up for namely essential services, teachers, nurses, cleaners, and small businesses.

Taking back some control and being comfortable with uncertainty

  • Lifting your spirits in times of uncertainty, unemployment and shutdowns is possible.
  • Be comfortable with uncertainty.
  • Take one day at a time.
  • Care for our vulnerable.
  • If you live in apartments with elderly and frail people -check in on them.
  • Perhaps do some shopping for them.
  • Help them with clothes washing.
  • Buy them some flowers/plants.
  • Help lonely people feel they matter and not alone.
  • Smart phones and computers enable us join up with friends and loved via platforms like Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.
  • Explore your creative and innovative self.
  • Build something, take photos, write poetry, write about your experience before and during the current crisis.
  • Learn a musical instrument or a language or sing online.
  • Try some creative writing.
  • Google an exercise program.
  • Start an online book club.
  • Play cards or chess, or board games together online.
  • Do puzzles.
  • If you watch TV, share with each other good shows you have been watching.
  • Help your local restaurant by ordering takeaway.
  • If you are fortunate enough to have a garden, perhaps make time to sit and enjoy it.
  • It is proven that being surrounded by greenery and flowers helps one feel more at peace.
  • Try mindfulness meditation.

Light at the end of the Tunnel

World War 1, the pandemic that followed, the Great Depression and World War 2 came to an end and out of that bad came many good things. Be kind to one another and stay healthy.

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